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Daytime wedding fireworks for 2015

Ooooh ahhhh….
Are you planning a wedding?
Wow, so cool !!!
How do you plan your wedding?
What things do you need for a unique wedding ?
I know wedding fireworks is a must..
Here Unique and Romantic “fireworks”——SmileClouds  not traditional fireworks for your reference..

SmileClouds is new and unique from two aspects:
1,It can display in the daytime, bring you different visual experience.
2,It can be created various shapes like heart, butterfly, “love” word, etc…floating in the sky..

Floating heart and love shapes can also give us fairy-tale dreamy feeling we are always looking for…

See the video: Daytime fireworks

wedding pyrotechnics

Daytime fireowrks for 2015 wedding

if you’re a wedding planner,why not bring this creative idea for your clients?

if you do wedding equipment rental business, how will you lose this good money maker? (tell you a secret, its return rate is not low!!!)

So if you want to know more information,just hurry up to contact me …

Here my contact details:

Mail: freya@smileclouds.com

Skype: freya11142

Whatsapp: +8613520358517

Web: http://www.smileclouds.com


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