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2016 Newest fireworks technology

Hi friends, what technology do you want to create for fireworks show?
  • Show fireworks in daytime?
  • Maintain fireworks in the sky for longer time?
  • Play fireworks without any worries and troubles?
  • Show fireworks in more complicated shapes?
  • Show fireworks anywhere, anytime without any limits?
Yes, SmileClouds maker can make it, with several characteristics:
  • Both for the daytime and night use
  • Could stay in the air for about 30 min
  • Safe & Eco-friendly
  • Could be any shapes,any color,any size
  • Both for indoor and outdoor
SmileClouds maker is cool and magic, which can make various shapes of SmileClouds like company logo, name, cartoon, any patterns you can imagine, floating up to the sky. Bringing cool visual experience and high atmosphere for various events like celebrating, weddings, corporate events, carnivals, festivals, etc…

This reminds me of the “Fantasmic” Show at Disneyland. Just imagine, if specifically designed, SmileClouds shaped in different cartoons and various scene stuff, float up brightly in different colors under cool lightings with special sound, WOW,  this will definitely be a great Surprise — unforgettable “SmileClouds Show”. As I know, nobody did like this before, maybe you are the first one.

SmileClouds photo:
New tech for fireworks show

New tech for fireworks show

SmileClouds video: 2015 Newest technology for fireworks show.
SmileClouds applications:
fireworks technology

2015 Newest fireworks technology

Interested in more 2016 Newest technology for fireworks show?
Here more detailed contact information:
Mail: freya@smileclouds.com
Skype: freya11142
Whatsapp: +86 135 2035 8517
Website: http://www.smileclouds.com

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