Kid-Friendly Wedding Atmosphere


SmileClouds Maker

When it comes to whether or not children should be invited to a wedding, the jury is split: Some feel that the ceremony should be “for adults only” as they see kids as a distraction; others couldn’t imagine something as happy as a wedding without the little ones. Regardless of what side of the aisle you sit on, everyone can agree that making a child sit through a ceremony dressed in itchy clothes and pinchy shoes is not pleasant. While planning your Big Day, Please add something funny for kids to play.

Here a very interested and funny SmileClouds Maker for kids to play, kids can cut the patterns by themselves one by one, which can not only create high atmosphere, but also help you keep the kids busy and not to make troubles.


kids at wedding

Do you like SmileClouds Maker? Want to know how to play it? how does it…

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