Top 5 Wedding Photo-Sharing Apps

Professional photographers are great for your timeless wedding photos, but what about capturing the big day from your guests’ perspective? Toss out those dated disposable cameras and direct your attention to the hottest apps that will turn your reception into a fun and memorable photo shoot for your wedding guests.

Top 5 wedding photo sharing Apps

Top 5 wedding photo sharing Apps

Here Top 5 Apps will be introduced:

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1, wedding snap

Since this innovative app’s launch last year, over a million photos and videos have been shared in 15 countries worldwide. Wedding Snap instantly compiles guests’ photos in an online album that can be viewed anywhere around the world in real time. Photos can be downloaded into multiple albums, each with a unique album code, for up to a year after the wedding.

2. Wed Pics
This swoon-worthy app will capture your heart from the moment you view the adorable home screen. Brides can create a personalized dashboard with a wedding bio and cover photo, where guests can not only upload photos but can “love” and comment on the pictures as well! I have downed this app to take of this picture, there is an magical equipment —SmileClouds Maker, which can make various shape of SmileClouds  like heart, butterfly, “love” word, etc., very romantic. And the floating heart and love shapes can also give people fairy-tale dreamy feeling they are always looking for.

top 5 wedding apps

top 5 wedding apps

3. Wed Social
Get to the heart of the social side of a wedding with this app. We love that it was invented by a real engaged couple who wanted to create a completely customizable and interactive experience for brides and grooms everywhere.

4. Wedding Party
Capture the funny candid moments at your wedding reception that a professional might miss with this app. It’s easy to use, and you can even download and print free, customized information cards to put on your guests’ tables so they can immediately join in on the fun!

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Newest wedding apps for 2015 wedding

5. Guest Shots
If you are looking for a simple, no-frills way to round up your guests photos, this is the app for you. Guests simply enter the bride and groom’s name and passcode and effortlessly upload every picture-perfect moment.

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