What is the creative idea for product launch in 2015 ? ? ?

New and creative idea for product launch

New and creative idea for product launch

Whether it’s a product launch, a marketing promotion for a new product or a sales promotion for a company or brand, it’s vital that the event be innovative and surprising in order to excite the imagination and interest of your audience.

You also want your guests to remember you, your event and, most important of all, your product.  To do this, you need to be different, you need to stand out from the competition and think outside of the box!

Here is the greatest idea for you— Use SmileClouds maker

2015 new and creative idea for product launch

2015 new and creative idea for product launch

SmileClouds maker is a new and creative product, which can produce various shapes of SmileClouds (m.g.Logo) float up to the sky. Comparing with other traditional promotion ways, SmileClouds has its unique features:

1, Make people involved in advertising campaigns actively
Floating logo in the sky will definitely attract lots of curious people come gather around actively, they will like to find out what is that? where is it from? and who make this? Because of their active participation, it will be helpful to convey the advertising messages completely and clearly.

2, Expanding the scope of the spread
Second, floating logo in the sky is very novel, people always like to share novel things on facebook, twitter or other social networking, so they will pull out phones take a photo and share, and the billboards are visible on the photos. Their family and friends will able to see the photos, maybe someone will forward it or retweet it. It will greatly make more people and right people see it.

Are you interested in SmileClouds? More info to freya@smileclouds.com

Website: www.smileclouds.com

Skype: freya11142

Whatsapp/iMessage: + 86 135 2035 8517

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