What surprise do you plan for your kids on Children’s Day?

Children Day is coming

Happy Children Day

Children’s Day is coming! ! ! what do you plan for your kids? Balloon? lollipop? children games? If you always give them those, will they still feel surprised and excited?

Anyway, I am fed up with those usual ideas for kids. This year, for my nephew, I have been looking for something creative and funny but not ordinary. Then I found it. My nephew must feel high and surprised when he knowthat he can be able to cut any patterns he wants to float up to the sky, like animals, cartoons, stars, etc. It will be not only used for kids and adults to play, but also can be used for various events  like celebrating, weddings, corporate events, carnivals, festivals, etc…

What the hell is it? It is SmileClouds maker. Want to know more including cost? Mail to freya@smileclouds.com

or whatsapp/iMessage: +86 135 2035 8517

Web: http://www.smileclouds.com

Innovative and funny ideas for kids

Innovative and funny ideas for kids

Children Game

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