How does Wal-Mart celebrate its 5th Anniversary in China?

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. is a worldwide chain store in American, the world’s largest company calculated in turnover, and is listed the top of Global 500 companies consecutively for three years by the “Fortune” magazine….

Wal-Mart entered China in 1996, and after 10 years’ development, it has opened more than 180 shopping stores in more than 90 cities in 20 more provinces. And one of stores uses SmileClouds maker to celebrate its 5th Anniversary. SmileClouds create Wal-Mart’s well-known smiling face logo rose in front of the store, floated to the sky one by one, passed over the tall buildings and the subway station, crossed the Sino-US cultural barriers and finally won much laughter from many Chinese people.

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SmileClouds shaped as smile face for Wal-Mart

SmileClouds shaped as smile face for Wal-Mart

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