SmileClouds maker not the usual bubble mahcine

Why do so many people call SmileClouds maker as bubble machine?

Can bubble machine create any shapes of clouds?

Can bubbles float for 30 mins in the sky?

Can bubbles be held in hands to play?

SmileClouds shaped as a star

SmileClouds shaped as a star

But SmileCouds can make that happen with the belowing features:

  • Could be any shape
  • Any color
  • Different size
  • Both for the daytime and night use
  • Both for indoor and outdoor
  • Could stay in the air for about 30 min;
  • Be visible within 5 km;
  • Safe & Eco-friendly

Do you still think that SmileClouds maker is bubble machine? Mail to freya to discuss more.


Skype: freya11142

Whatsapp: +86 135 2035 8517

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