Tips to Battle Post-Event Depression

Tips to Battle Post-Event Depression

Tips to battle events despression

Tips to battle events despression

One positive thing to note is that since we know when the event will end, we can predict when these feelings of depression may strike and take action to prevent them. Here are some of the ways you can minimize or eliminate your feelings of post-event depression:

1. Reorganize – It helps to get yourself reorganized. Don’t forget to wrap up the event you have been working on! Have a wrap-up celebration, do your wrap-up calls/meetings. Gather and analyze event data. Take some notes or maybe translate your previous notes so you can understand them later. Set some new goals. Enjoy the process of preparing for that next event.

2 . Relax and Recover – As event planners, we tend to consider ourselves last. Make sure to give yourself time to rest and recover from the long, stressful hours. Get in touch with nature. Go for a hike. Go camping. If possible, consider an “epic win reward” and take a vacation or go to the spa.

3. Reward Yourself – You did it! You deserve a reward! What should you choose? These rewards should be very personalized and can be anything that makes you happy.

4. Reconnect with Family – Remember those family and friends that took a back seat as your days got progressively busier? Re-introduce yourself to your family – they probably have not heard from you in a while! Unless they are in the industry, your family and friends may not understand why you feel low about being done with something that seemed to cause you so much stress. Talk with them and share your thoughts.

5. Rediscover Yourself – Think about the things you used to enjoy doing that you did not have time for while your event planning ramped up. I always go back to a knitting project that was put down as my days became busier. When I pick it back up, the purpose of my crocheting project returns and I feel better. Maybe you like gardening, running, playing scrabble, or going to concerts. Whatever it is, get back to doing it.

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