How does Audi 4S stores celebrate its 40 anniversary in China?

Even if Audi is already famous in the world, but they are still searching for new and innovative idea to celebrate its 40 anniversary and still hope to attract more clients. Finally, they find us with excited emotion.

Why are they so excited? As we own an innovative and magic machine called SmileClouds maker, which can make its Audi LOGO float up to the sky and will be seen with 5 KM. You know, as people have never seen floating LOGO, they will be crazy and excited to ask what is that? how to make that? it is very amazing. I will take photo and share with my all friends. so at last, you guess, there will be more and more people know that here is a Audi 4S store, then it means that you have already to advertise your stores successfully.

Floating Audi LOGO

Floating Audi LOGO

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