What is FABE sale method? New sale techniques?

I am a seller, like other sellers, always wonder why my sale performance is worse than us. We work in same condition, have the same lunch, and do the same thing, but the result is hugely different. So I searched the reason on the network, and came across this sale method named FABE. As a sale person, I have never heard this word.

F means Features, A mean Advantages, B means Benifits, E means Evidence, Totally, you should know your product’s features, find out its advantages, then analyse what befinits this advantages can bring to your clients, and at last show them evidence. Do I explain clearly? I am gonna take SmileClouds for example.

I sell SmileClouds maker, it is a new and innovative machine.

F: it can produce various shapes of clouds like LOGO, words, numbers, animals, cartoons,etc, float up to the sky.

A : It is new, unique, innovative, Eye-catching, Attractive, creating high atmosphere, making different visual effect, etc.


  •  As new, there will be no competition if you are planning start up business.
  • As innovative& Eye-catching, it will help you gain more clients if you are an advertising agency.
  • As create high atmosphere, it will make wedding parties more interactive.
  • As make different visual effect, it can bring new visual experience for concerts, stage, fireworks show, etc.

E: Real shot pictures:

stage effect SmileClouds shaped as smileface SmileClouds photo Smile  Clouds shopping

 New sale technics

New sale techniques

Are my understanding and explanations right?

More SmileClouds details: https://youtu.be/jm9aQMeRPBM

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