2017 new novelties for business looking for dealers or distributors

Good news: New novelty SmileClouds maker is looking for distributors. Are you interested? ( SmileClouds maker is a magic and innovative machine, which can produce various shapes of clouds (m.g. LOGO) float up to the sky.)

New novelties looking for distributors

New novelties looking for distributors

Some advantages will make you want to be SmileClouds distributors:

  • SmileClouds is new, so there will be no competitor;
  • SmileClouds is interesting & interactive, so it can create high atmosphere with people can cutting clouds by themselves;
  • SmileClouds can be any shapes—– LOGO, words, numbers, cartoons, animals, etc;
  • SmileClouds has wide potential markets, it can be used for events, parties, concerts, advertising;

Additionally, also the most importantly, we are sincere looking for distributors, so the best favors and condition will be offered, make you earn upto 70% profits.

Are you attracted by this cool project? More info, please mail to freya@smileclouds.com

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