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When wedding season comes around, it can only mean one thing – your calendar will be filled with wedding weekends to last the whole season. You have your dress and your shoes; you even found the perfect purse to match your outfit. But what do you pack in that bag? You don’t want it to be too packed but you also want to be prepared for those “just in case” moments. As long as you have these five items, you will be ready for every wedding!

Oil-blotting wipes are perfect for those quick touch-ups at hot-weather weddings. You want to make sure you have these on hand when you start to feel the heat a little. They are great to have, especially before photos are taken, and will save your makeup. Think about looking for a makeup-setting spray to put on so that all that is coming off with these wipes is the moisture.

Tissues are great to have in case the ceremony causes you to tear up or if you have to fix your makeup. They’re just as vital as the blotting wipes!

Lipstick or gloss are perfect to have with you for those mid-ceremony touch-ups. Bring the colour you are using because there is nothing worse than running around the wedding looking for someone with a similar colour. For an easy solution, choose a long-lasting lipstick so all you need to bring is lip gloss or balm to keep your lips gorgeous all night.

A pen is essential for a wedding purse! You never know when you will need to sign the guest book sketch-926667_1280or whether there will be pens handy. It’s also great for those moments where you run into old or new friends and need to jot down their info.

Gum or mints of some kind are great to have because you will be in close proximity to everyone and you want to make sure your breath smells fresh. It’s also a great way to survive lengthy speeches – just chew on some gum and your hunger will subside until the meal arrives!

These may seem like simple items, but they all have valuable uses. Just remember that between your phone and keys, it could be a tight fit in your bag – so go easy on the extra items. Whatever your situation is prior to the wedding – new shoes, a bad hair day or a broken nail – take that in to account when you are getting ready. Most of all, enjoy! The moments will be priceless.


by Sarah Zoschke

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