Should You Quit Your Job Before Starting a Business?

Recently I have received an inquiry from Dominican Republic, he wrote like this, “Dear friend, I am so excited to find your SmileClouds maker, it is very cool and unique and i have never seen it before, you know ? there are so many weddings in Dominican. Your SmileClouds maker is very great chance for me to start up, so I will quit the job tomorrow. please inform me price+ shipping cost.”

Have courage for deam

Of course I am glad to receive an inquiry like this, this means he want to make deal with me. But at the same time, the words of his quitting his job attracts my attention. As I am afraid that he is not familiar with events industry, if he begins this business with quitting job, where does he get income to support his dream business? I talked with him and let him calm down to think over how to start this SmileClouds business. He replied to me:” dear friend, thank you for your concern, you are right, but please trust me and I am confident I can do this business well. Please make the invoice to me.”

Eventually, I am touched by his courage . I ask myself where is my courage? where is my dream? Can I make a decision quickly if I met a great business chance?

So friends, How will you react if you find a great and cool business ideas? Do you have the courage to give up your now job and start a new business?


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