New Year, New event production

What will the 2016 new year bring for events industry? What will it change the events industry? Better or just so so ?

Anyway, let’s preview this 2016 new event production called SmileClouds maker. It is a new and innovative machine, which can produce various shapes of clouds ( m.g. LOGO) float up to the sky. Have you ever seen it before? Mail to

Advantages  comparing with traditional events production, SmileClouds maker has its unique features:

    • instantly attract the focus
    • create atmosphere
    • a new type of entertainment
    • easily transfer event theme to the guests (by designing a specific shape)

It has wide markets application:

  • Social events: parties, weddings, birthdays, Baby birth, Community activities
  • Corporate events: New product launch, Opening ceremonies, Conferences, Corporate anniversaries, Trade Show, Street Marketing, Road Show
  • Performances: TV Show, Concerts
  • Sports
  • School activities
  • Amusement Park
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Shopping malls
  • Real Estate Open …

SmileClouds Event Cases:

2016 New events production

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