2017 New concept of advertisement

Have you been thinking of 8-sheet and billboard when you think of outdoor advertising?  Then please allow me to introduce you new exciting concept advertisement. Exciting new concept that can help you stand out, give you unprecedented visibility and control over a campaign and get your team’s creative juices flowing are all available here.

2016 New concept of advertising is making company LOGO displayed in the sky. Have you ever thought of that? SmileClouds maker can make it with the following advantages:

1. Make people involved in advertising campaigns actively

Floating logo in the sky will definitely attract lots of curious people to come gather around actively, they will like to find out what is that? where is it from? and who make this? Because of their active participation, it will be helpful to convey the advertising messages completely and clearly.

2. Expanding the scope of the spread

Floating logo in the sky is very novel, people always like to share novel things on facebook, twitter or other social networking, so they will pull out phones take a photo and share, and the billboards are visible on the photos, maybe someone will forward it or retweet it. It will greatly make more people and right people see it.

Interested in this new cool advertising idea and concept? More info to freya@smileclouds.com

For now, Audi, Volkswagen Das Auto, Hoda, etc, famous brand companies have created its LOGO for their anniversary, tradeshow, new product promotion, etc. Here the real shot photo for your reference:


Clouds shaped as its LOGO

Clouds shaped as Audi

Clouds shaped as Audi for its 10 anniversary

Clouds shaped as car for Das Auto trade show

Clouds shapes as a car for Das Auto trade show

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