SmileClouds— 2017 New special effect machine

When it comes to stage special effect machine, we always think of fog machine, snow machine, fire machine, foam machine. haze machine, etc… “But are you fed up with those? Are there any new special effect machine? Nowadays there are so many competitions in offering stage machine service, aren’t there any innovative machines coming up to help make us service more outstanding and unique?” A SFX company manager said.

SmileClouds--- 2016 New special effect machineActually, no worries, A new innovative stage machine has already appeared. It is called SmileClouds maker, which can create high atmosphere and bring cool amazing visual effect with producing clouds with characteristic as below:

  • Any shapes;
  • Any colors
  • Different size, from 16”- 100”
  • Both for daytime and night use
  • Both for indoor and outdoor use
  • Can be held in hands to play
  • Can stay in the air for 30 mins
  • Be visible within 5 km
  • Safe& Eco- friendly

Cool and interested? Have you ever seen this before in a live performance or concerts? Want to know the cost? Mail to

Here some real shot photo as below:

SmileClouds for TV stage show with shaped as column:

TV stage

SmileClouds for festival music concerts:

Festival music concert

Web site:


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