5 Hip Entertainment Ideas for Your Event

Event entertainment is big business. Event planners are simply spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing acts and performers for events, as there is a plethora of entertainment to choose from.

Entertainment ideas for events

Entertainment ideas for Events

Event planners need to stay ahead of the game when booking entertainment to ensure that their event is fresh, innovative, unique, talked about (for the right reasons!) and most of all, impresses all the right people.

To assist event planners in choosing fresh and unique entertainment, we have compiled a list of Top 5 entertainment ideas for the here and now. As well as being unique and exciting, we are predicting that these acts will be hugely sought after for events this year!

DJ’ing & VJ’ing

Simultaneously mixing music and visuals, this concept really is the future of club-style entertainment. Bringing music to life, this entertainment option can also add a social media element that allows guests to tweet their requests! The DJ can also include logos, videos and company visuals, making this the ideal entertainment for corporate events and launch parties!

Ipad Magician

For technology and gadget lovers/events, ipad magicians are the perfect act to amaze and entertain your guests. ipad magicians perform bespoke shows that include, of course, magic and the use of … erm… an ipad! This is entertainment for the digital age, and many high profile brands and events are eager to experience this unique brand of magical entertainment.

LED Dance shows

LED dance shows are proving to be a big hit so far this year, as event planners strive to find acts and performers that are unique and have added ‘wow factor’. LED dance shows are currently much sought after for launches, corporate events and concerts as they offer high tech entertainment that can include logos.

This entertainment option takes the urban dance act (so popular for the last few years thanks to shows like the ‘Got Talent’ franchise) to the next level!

SmileClouds Maker

SmileClouds maker is a new cool innovative machine, which can constantly produce various shapes of clouds like LOGO, words, numbers, cartoons, animals, etc, floating up to the sky. It is creative, funny, eye-catching, very suitable for events, advertising, promotions, parties, etc.

Entertainment Ideas for Your Event

Motion capture – animated digital character

Bringing technology to life for trade shows, conventions and exhibition events! Using the latest technology of pre-programmed motion capture, an actor controls the animated character allowing full audience interaction!

Motion capture acts offer a choice of existing animated characters to choose from, or the option to create a bespoke animation if required. This is a must-have for technology related events or for those that are looking for modern entertainment that will impress audiences.

More events ideas: http://wp.me/p5vSiI-3a

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