What new unique for newly wedding couples at wedding scene?

As newly couples, we all want to make something different at wedding day.

uniqe wedding products for newly wed couples

But for unique, what unique can be called as unique? And what kinds of unique can be liked and acceptable nowadays?

new wedding products

Recently, a new wedding product crazily popular in wedding industry called SmileClouds , which can constantly produce various shapes of foam clouds like initial names, heart, star, dove, butterfly, “love” words, smile face, etc, floating up to the sky. Is this unique also fair-tale?  Do you any wedding couples use this ?

Recent days are high wedding seasons, one day at least 5- 8 newly wed couples need use smileclouds these days. Really crazily popular funny unique romantic wedding product….

Want it? More info, please mail to freya@smileclouds.com

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