NEW NEW NEW event production for event industry

New event production for event industry named “SmileClouds“.

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Not like ever traditional event productions, SmileClouds is a new magic innovative event production, which can constantly produce various shapes of foam clouds like LOGO, words, numbers, cartoons, animals, etc, floating up to the sky.. If adding to an event, it may help you achieve what you want from the events, from the following aspects:

  • Instantly attract the focus;
  • Create atmosphere;
  • A new type of entertainment;
  • Easily transfer the event theme to the guests (by designing a specific shape) 

If any interests, please mail to us

More info:

New Product Events offers the very best in media-only events, consistently attracting the highest quality of top-tier media attendees. New Product Events provides an exciting avenue for consumer product companies to engage in face to face interaction with top consumer, trade, broadcast and newspaper editors in charge of selecting new products for their publications

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