[Outdoor wedding] 2017 Most innovative wedding prop — SmileClouds

[Outdoor wedding] 2016 Most innovative wedding prop — SmileClouds

SmileClouds Maker are widely used for large scale commercial activity, creating LOGO, words, cartoons, etc, various shapes of artificial clouds, floating in the sky, so eye-catching. Sometimes, you aslo can see those clouds at some stars’ or local tyrants’ wedding.

For outdoor wedding, SmileClouds will bring new originality, new highlight. For wedding company, it will bring new growth point of profit. For customers, it will bring better on-site experience.

Groom and Bride play clouds together, so happy and funny~~~ PS. Hey, handsome, you have your SmileClouds, why catch bride’s.

SmileClouds  for wedding use

The reddest heart, give best-loved you, groom himself rent SmileClouds maker, surprise bride very much~~~  PS: true loved man, so touching. 

IMG_5626 副本

So cute clouds, bridemaid is so happy~~~ PS. hey hey hey, beauty, please go quickly, the ceremony is beginning. :)

IMG_1851 副本

Have smileclouds, mom will never worry about me to make troubles and run around at wedding scene~~~ PS. Bear kid become good kid. 

IMG_1882 副本

Wow, so funny clouds, take a photo and share on social network~~~   PS. man, you are so handsome, i share to my friend.

outdoor wedding entertainment idea

Coming guests like  SmileClouds very much~~~ PS. YoYo, check it now,  let’s release a Cloud.

New for wedding ideas

Want to bring it to a wedding? Just contact us:

Website: www.smileclouds.com

Mail: freya@smileclouds.com

Skype: freya11142


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