SmileClouds — New Shopping Mall Opening Ceremony

That day, We- life Shopping mall was officially opened at prosperous CBD.

To attract eyes of white collars who out for lunch at noon, the event company uses all their skills, like street dancing, Cosplay and sexy man model, etc, among those, the most eye-catching is SmileClouds Maker, which attract many crowds coming.

opening ceremony ideas

The bro catching the camera specially comes from two bus station away, just want to see how make artificial clouds.
creative ideas for opening ceremony
Sexy man is coming. 云朵机-远洋未来汇购物中心开业现场(实拍)-《微笑云朵》出品
new ideas for opening ceremony
Want to attract popularity for your opening ceremony? No matter it is a big shopping mall, or small scale stores, SmileClouds can help you make it.

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