SmileClouds—Used for Tsinghua High School Carnival

Tsinghua High School Carnival is opening happily at National Tennis Center, luckily, SmileClouds Maker comes to scene too for bringing different happiness for participants.

Here let’s enjoy the sound from this carnival.

New entertainment ideas for Carnival
new ideas for Carnival

“LOL, finally  little boy catches this clouds” 云朵机-清华附中国际学校嘉年华(实拍)-《微笑云朵》出品
Carnival entertainment ideas

This boy:“Give my heart clouds to you!”云朵机-清华附中国际学校嘉年华(实拍)-《微笑云朵》出品 (lol, totally a new cool vindicate tool!云朵机-清华附中国际学校嘉年华(实拍)-《微笑云朵》出品)
SmileClouds for Carnival
As usual, SmileClouds brings so much happiness to people. So if you need and like it, please feel free to contact us
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