What business can a fresh graduate from college start?

Recently I came across lots of questions that “I am new fresh graduate from college, and I want to starts my own business, what business can I start? ”

Really, I admire their courages very much and hope them one day can find a good business to start. But back to my job and consider our amazing products SmileClouds Maker, then I can not help introducing to those new fresh graduate from college.

IMG_8675 副本

Why? SmileClouds Maker is a new funny magic machine, which can constantly produce various shapes of clouds like LOGO, words, etc, floating up to the sky. It has wide potential use like to attract the public’s attention and become the next day’s news, or wish to push the atmosphere to the climax of the scene, or want to create an atmosphere of fairy-tale romance, widely used for events, parties, entertainments, promotions, advertising, etc.

New business for new fresh graduate from college

Did you all see this before? Maybe you have no, you will be the first one to have this with no competition. Moreover, it will not need high investment, but will bring you high profits back. Are you interested? More info, mail to freya@smileclouds.com

Website: www.smileclouds.com

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