New funny item for Kids Birthday Party

Last Saturday is a happy day for a little girl, as it is her birthday. To make her feel happy, her Dad invite her classmates and friends to attend her birthday party. Really a great dad.

To make the party atmosphere high and make his girl surprised, the dad finds us and ask for us to make her girl’s name QQ to float up to the sky.



So cool and funny. P.S.: If you’re familiar with China, you must know Tencent company. LOL, and its communication tool also called QQ.

Not only QQ  float up to the sky, but also some funny patterns was made like star, mickey, etc, which attracts kids to stand in line consciously, just want to cut clouds by themselves.



How did you like this? How to make this? Consider to bring it to your or your customers’ birthday.

More info, please mail to


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