Balloons can be substituted by Clouds?

That day I came across a wedding. Very romantic. But one thing releasing balloons to the sky caused me to think much about its effect.

We all know that latex balloon is nondegradable, so if releasing to the sky, what will happen? I do some google research. 

No doubt that balloons can bring a wedding happy with creating atmosphere in a way, it seems irreplaceable for some weddings, parties, events, etc. But just “seems”, actually, there is a thing that can substitute balloons, it is SmileClouds Maker, making artificial clouds, I am not sure if all of you will like it, but it is really a cool amazing machine to create high atmosphere with producing various shapes of clouds like animals, cartoons, heart, star, etc, floating up to the sky. In a addition, it is very funny to play with people cutting clouds by themselves and then hold in hands to play or take photos.


The most important is that artificial clouds are degradable and environmentally. They will be resolvent within 30 minutes without any mess left.

So if you like this machine, you can try wit it. More details, please mail to



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