New Stage Props

According to their volume, props are divided into big props and small props. The former such as tables and chairs, sofas, cupboards, screens, etc. The latter such as phone, bottle, cup, food, gadgets and so on. According to the nature of the props, but also can be divided into decorative props (such as curtains, screens, chandeliers and a variety of furnishings, etc.), hand props (such as satchel, suitcase, pistol, cane, etc.), consumption props (such as food, , Need to be on stage in the broken bowl and disk, etc.), practical props (such as tables, chairs and other needs of the props) and so on. Stage props design style and scenery, lighting, clothing style is the same. Therefore, in some of the modern large deformation or abstract stage design, the size of the props in the form and it is consistent. In some abstract sets, even the actor’s virtual action to replace the size of the entity props.

stage propsThe above mentioned are all common stage props, is there any innovative one?

New stage props

New stage props

Did you ever see one stage prop can produce various shape of clouds like LOGO, words, etc, floating up to the sky? Did you know what stage prop it is? More info, mail to

innovative stage props

Innovative stage props






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