special effect

New Stage Props

According to their volume, props are divided into big props and small props. The former such as tables and chairs, sofas, cupboards, screens, etc. The latter such as phone, bottle, cup, food, gadgets and so on. According to the nature of the props, but also can be divided into decorative props (such as curtains, screens, […]

SmileClouds — New Shopping Mall Opening Ceremony

That day, We- life Shopping mall was officially opened at prosperous CBD. To attract eyes of white collars who out for lunch at noon, the event company uses all their skills, like street dancing, Cosplay and sexy man model, etc, among those, the most eye-catching is SmileClouds Maker, which attract many crowds coming. The bro catching the camera […]

SmileClouds— 2017 New special effect machine

When it comes to stage special effect machine, we always think of fog machine, snow machine, fire machine, foam machine. haze machine, etc… “But are you fed up with those? Are there any new special effect machine? Nowadays there are so many competitions in offering stage machine service, aren’t there any innovative machines coming up to […]

2017 New Cool stage DJ lighting effect

2017 New cool stage DJ lighting effect made by SmileClouds maker,  new innovative equipment, which can make various shapes of clouds like LOGO, words, numbers, cartoons, animals, etc. Widely used for events, concerts, parties, bar, etc. With SmileClouds, it can make new and different visual effect: Also it can make high atmosphere: Moreover, under the […]