New Stage Props

According to their volume, props are divided into big props and small props. The former such as tables and chairs, sofas, cupboards, screens, etc. The latter such as phone, bottle, cup, food, gadgets and so on. According to the nature of the props, but also can be divided into decorative props (such as curtains, screens, […]

Balloons can be substituted by Clouds?

That day I came across a wedding. Very romantic. But one thing releasing balloons to the sky caused me to think much about its effect. We all know that latex balloon is nondegradable, so if releasing to the sky, what will happen? I do some google research. https://balloonsblow.org/impacts-on-wildlife-and-environment/  No doubt that balloons can bring a wedding happy […]

Make your day different

Aha, great thing should happen to great day. That day is birthday of a new born baby, her mum and dad want to celebrate it cheerfully. So they invite kids to their party and use our SmileClouds maker to create high atmosphere. Funny? Want to bring this cool maker to your party or events? More […]

SmileClouds 2017

Long time no show up on those social nets. How are you guys? Do you still remember our cool product SmileClouds Maker ? It is a magic cool machine, which can constantly produce various shapes of clouds like LOGO, words, etc, floating up to the sky. Widely used for events, parties, festivals, concerts, sports, night clubs, […]

Strangely! Clouds can be in shapes?

Two strange! How is the sky so blue in Beijing, China? Answer is that thanks for high wind. LOL. How is clouds in so many shapes? Really looks beautiful in such blue sky. Also cause of high wind to make clouds burst in to shapes? Of course not. Those clouds are produced by SmileClouds Maker, A very […]

New wedding service — SmileClouds Maker

New wedding service makes your wedding day unique and different. Make clouds in any shapes float up to the sky. Do you ever think of making those clouds at your wedding scene? If any interests, please mail to freya@smileclouds.com Website: http://www.smileclouds.com