How to get more sponsors for your events?

Recently, A friend complain to me that she has been busy with getting sponsors for her big events. But the results no or few companies are willing to sponsor her events.

Then I sew through her plan book and found that the benefits the sponsors companies can get from them are just printing their names on the wall or ticket. To be honest, if I were the sponsors, I also will not like to sponsor for them events.

So the question is coming, how the well she can get sponsors successfully?  Haha, no worries, as I have an idea that not printing their LOGO on the wall or ticket but making their LOGO float up to the sky. Have you ever thought of this idea? So innovative and Eye-catching? Then all the participators of this event can see the LOGO, which will help them spread them.  How do you like this idea? Use this to persuade your sponsors to sponsor you…


Looking for sponsors

How to look for sponsors

How to look for sponsors

This LOGO are made by SmileClouds maker, a new cool machine, which can constantly produce various shapes of clouds like LOGO, words, names, cartoons, animals, etc, floating up to the sky. Interested?



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