New funny item for Kids Birthday Party

Last Saturday is a happy day for a little girl, as it is her birthday. To make her feel happy, her Dad invite her classmates and friends to attend her birthday party. Really a great dad.

To make the party atmosphere high and make his girl surprised, the dad finds us and ask for us to make her girl’s name QQ to float up to the sky.



So cool and funny. P.S.: If you’re familiar with China, you must know Tencent company. LOL, and its communication tool also called QQ.

Not only QQ  float up to the sky, but also some funny patterns was made like star, mickey, etc, which attracts kids to stand in line consciously, just want to cut clouds by themselves.



How did you like this? How to make this? Consider to bring it to your or your customers’ birthday.

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Strangely! Clouds can be in shapes?

Two strange!

How is the sky so blue in Beijing, China?

Answer is that thanks for high wind. LOL.

Clouds are in any shapes

How is clouds in so many shapes? Really looks beautiful in such blue sky.

Also cause of high wind to make clouds burst in to shapes? Of course not. Those clouds are produced by SmileClouds Maker, A very amazing product, which can constantly produce various shapes of clouds i float in the sky.

SEE, AIA clouds patterns for AIA.

Any shapes can be made by SmileClouds MAKER

How did you like this? Where did you think this can be used to? Events? Parties? Entertainments? Promotion? Advertising?

Anyway, any need or interests, just ask Freya directly.


New wedding service — SmileClouds Maker

New wedding service makes your wedding day unique and different.

Make clouds in any shapes float up to the sky.

new wedding service

wedding service

Do you ever think of making those clouds at your wedding scene?

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Most suitable side business – – – SmileClouds Maker

Are you looking for side business? It should not occupy you much time, also can not affect your official job, of course, it will be better if this side business can bring you much more extra money. LOL.

Now, this side business is coming….It’s called renting or reselling SmileClouds Maker business. SmileClouds Maker is a new magic innovative machine, which can constantly produce various shapes of clouds like LOGO, words, animals, etc, floating up to the sky. Very creative, funny and eye-catching for events, parties, entertainments, advertisement, etc use.

new side business ideas

Never see this before? That’s right, as it is a new product. This means once you can make people know it, then they’d like to buy this from u, as people always like new things. LOL.

So you will you take it as your side business. Easily, Just promote or write some ad blogs to attract people to know SmileClouds Maker  online at your convenient time. Interested? How much you can make form this side business?  Ask Freya directly.

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What business can a fresh graduate from college start?

Recently I came across lots of questions that “I am new fresh graduate from college, and I want to starts my own business, what business can I start? ”

Really, I admire their courages very much and hope them one day can find a good business to start. But back to my job and consider our amazing products SmileClouds Maker, then I can not help introducing to those new fresh graduate from college.

IMG_8675 副本

Why? SmileClouds Maker is a new funny magic machine, which can constantly produce various shapes of clouds like LOGO, words, etc, floating up to the sky. It has wide potential use like to attract the public’s attention and become the next day’s news, or wish to push the atmosphere to the climax of the scene, or want to create an atmosphere of fairy-tale romance, widely used for events, parties, entertainments, promotions, advertising, etc.

New business for new fresh graduate from college

Did you all see this before? Maybe you have no, you will be the first one to have this with no competition. Moreover, it will not need high investment, but will bring you high profits back. Are you interested? More info, mail to


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2017 New business chance in Italy

Italy is a highly developed capitalist countries, one of Europe’s largest economy, is also a member of a founding member of NATO and the European Union, or the Schengen Convention, the United Nations and the Group of Eight and other important international organizations, Italy has a total of 48 UNESCO World Heritage, the country has the world’s largest World Heritage Site, Italy in the field of art and fashion is a world leader, Milan is Italy’s economic and industrial center, but also the world’s fashion capital.

new business chance in Italy

In such fashional country, how does it can lack SmileClouds Maker? It is really a great business chance to sell or rent SmileClouds maker in Italy. SmileClouds Maker is a new funny magic machine, which can constantly produce various shapes of clouds like LOGO, words, names, numbers, cartoons, animals, etc, floating up to the sky. Very creative, funny and eye-catching for events, advertising, parties, promotions, etc.

new business ideas in Italy

Did you ever see this before? Now it is looking for dealers in Italy, as it is a new, so there will be no or less competitors. Moreover, it will not need high investments, but will bring you high atmosphere. So is there anybody interested?

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SmileClouds—Used for Tsinghua High School Carnival

Tsinghua High School Carnival is opening happily at National Tennis Center, luckily, SmileClouds Maker comes to scene too for bringing different happiness for participants.

Here let’s enjoy the sound from this carnival.

New entertainment ideas for Carnival
new ideas for Carnival

“LOL, finally  little boy catches this clouds” 云朵机-清华附中国际学校嘉年华(实拍)-《微笑云朵》出品
Carnival entertainment ideas

This boy:“Give my heart clouds to you!”云朵机-清华附中国际学校嘉年华(实拍)-《微笑云朵》出品 (lol, totally a new cool vindicate tool!云朵机-清华附中国际学校嘉年华(实拍)-《微笑云朵》出品)
SmileClouds for Carnival
As usual, SmileClouds brings so much happiness to people. So if you need and like it, please feel free to contact us